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Our Story

Dealing with health problems is a universal experience - but frustration in care coordination doesn't have to be.

In March of 2022, our founder, Eric, underwent a surgery that required skilled nursing at home during recovery. During the discharge process, he was shocked by how little infrastructure he was provided.

Even though he was treated at a high-tech hospital, the discharge process involved receiving a xeroxed copy with several phone numbers to call in order to schedule follow-up care services. Not only was this highly inconvenient while recovering- but also inaccessible as the surgery had made speaking essentially impossible.

A two dimensional illustration of a nurse.
A two dimensional illustration of two people, one has an illustration focused on her brain, the other has an illustration focused on their heart.

Future Health was born to make a fragmented system simple to navigate. No one should feel left in the lurch at this critical point in their journey - when their focus should be on healing. And no one should be stuck paying unnecessary costs to recover in a hospital when their home is more comfortable, more affordable, and an equally serviceable setting of care.

Our goal is to make the healthcare experience as seamless as possible, rooted in tech-enablement:

- so patients can find the right providers for their needs,
- and healthcare providers can expect that care delivery will be the priority, not red tape

Whether you're a patient or a caregiver, you can utilize our platform at no cost to book post-acute care services, ongoing treatment at home, and even admission to facilities like SNFs and nursing homes. For a full list of what we offer, take a look at our services page.

Find a provider through Future Health.

All at no cost to you.