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Home Health Services
Umbrella term for medical care within the comfort of the home.
Health Status Monitoring
Application of specialty medical devices to manage care using real-time data.
Nursing Care
Medical and personal care by registered nurses ensuring specialized attention.
Private Duty Nursing
Additional comprehensive medical care by registered nurses, generally paid for privately.
Palliative Care
Focused on pain management and quality of life for individuals with serious illnesses.
Home Hospice
Compassionate end-of-life care and support in the comfort of the home.
Physical Therapy
Strength and mobility improvement sessions within the home.
Occupational Therapy
Home sessions with the goal of regaining independence in daily life.
Speech Therapy
Improving speech and communication skills for individuals within the home.
Social and emotional support, enhancing well-being and quality of life.
Ensuring safe and convenient travel to and from medical appointments.
Meal Delivery
Pre-prepared meals delivered to the home with options for customization based on dietary restrictions.
Home care, homemaker, or basic assistance care
Essential assistance with daily tasks, personal care, and companionship.
Medical Social Services (i.e. counseling & therapy)
Addressing psychological, social, and emotional needs, facilitating access to community resources and support.
Wound Care (i.e. pressure sores or surgical wounds)
Treatment and management of various types of wounds to promote healing and recovery.
Laboratory or X-Ray Imaging
Convenient medical testing and diagnostic imaging at home.
Pharmaceutical services (i.e. specialty infusions)
Administering of specialty treatments to patients in the home.



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